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  • Overall our favourite must-see shop before you decide your dream outfit!
  • Awarded Best Asian Wedding Shop, London for 2017-18 by Industry Experts at Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor, London
  • Unique collection of distinctive outfits in-store
  • Very good made to measure and tailored outfit options
  • Best Value for Money deals
  • Amazing options to compliment the Bridal & Grooms outfits
  • Free one-hour weekday consultations
  • Offers mainly bespoke bridal service for women only
  • The service is good with regular updates on outfits through emails
  • The outfit will cost you a pretty penny
  • Overall good option if you are looking for traditional outfits
  • Good service while deciding on our your outfit
  • Price range is quite steep
  • Overall good level of service
  • Unique outfits
  • They are one-off the biggest and well known Asian retailer in the market
  • Mass produced outfits, potential issues with customisations so better off to buy sample pieces
  • Sample pieces can be quite worn as many potential clients have tried thus affecting delicate craftsmanship making it look used
  • Outfits are always over marked by over 300-500% giving a big negotiating manoeuvre so always check it is the best deal by looking around rather than sales tactics
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