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A collection of traditional and unconventional outfits. Unique cuts and styles that meet the requirements of a traditional and westernised occasion. My preference would be a fusion outfit when compared to the traditional ones Will assist in creating a matching groom's outfit on request Offers to personalised design and styling service to fit body type. The staff and designer (if available) will take the time out to understand your requirement and make recommendations Known for their recommendation of colours that will be complementary to you The atmosphere at the store was professional yet relaxed


Price point is quite steep... The exceptionally good outfit range will be well over £2500 Store open only until 6 p.m. for the working ladies and closed on a Wednesday Limited grooms wear

Average Price Range

Bridal wear: £2500 Grooms wear: £1000


Make an appointment for unique style with the urge to splurge

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Variety of outfits

Uniqueness of outfits

Value for money

Quality of outfits


Made to measure option

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Options to match spouses outfit

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0208 795 1100

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